you study, you learn, but you guard the original naivete

April 29, 2010

in the last couple of day’s i have been to a women’s buddhist meet….it was held at ivette’s and her daughter vita is too cute…

she was there with her kid’s buddhist beads and orange outfit…with her own mirror postioned low to check her outfits…

a gal after my own heart….

she loved my mickey and minnie t-shirt….

christian laboutin shoes…..and was a delight….speaking a mixture of the odd english word and chinese i think or that ‘s what it sounded like….

when i went to the toilet i had to sit on her toilet seat designed to stop her falling in…

on the way home bumped into buddhist’s who said i’m looking even younger and there convinced i have a mirror in my loft a la dorian gray…

one of them asked if i was in love???

today i had to go and sit an exam……i’d been putting it off but had to do it if i wanted to keep my options open……work wise…

it was easy….and i was good and checked my answers at the end and i enjoyed it…

i always did well in exams….

after i  came home did yoga and roasted the first of the season’s asparagus just with some olive oil and sea salt…i ate with parmesan and balsamic and wow!!!

finished with a apple cake i bought on the way home…

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