what’s really important in life? sitting on a beach?

April 25, 2010

yesterday i wore another one of my new dresses from ellis and alex…..i had to get ready really fast….and was wondering is this too rude….as in low cut…….

the dress is beautiful with paua shells on it…..

i have been so busy this week and my computer decided not to work….my washing machine and my remote….one by one throughout the week….

i’m sure it’s bad feng shui…..
and then to top it off my shoe broke on the way to the saturday meet….the same shoe in the same spot as last year….

did i let that ruin my mood NO….

after the meet i just went and bought some new sandals barefoot and dropped the others off at my local repair store…

then i went to buy my vegetables with my favorite stall holder..

she always calls me ‘good girl’…

she said are you going to the beach????

was it the low”ish look??? of my dress???

after coffee and snacks in the sun……and talk of men…

and when i got home…..one by one everything began working!!!!!

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