we are all of us stars and we deserve to twinkle

April 5, 2010


went to a buddhist meet..got there late…but got there…

after met elaine for takeaway coffee’s..hot chocolate in my case and back to hers to see what the builders have done to her lounge…

her lounge is very bare at the moment…and she knocked out her kitchen..

we caught up…

talked renovating…relationships and fashion…

the main things…

she said i have to buy my mickey and minnie in love t-shirt just for the message it sends and wear to the saturday meet…

after i came home for a call from my numerologist..

we were going over any ?’s i had regarding my new name….not many as it 100% feels right…

he suggested how to do my autograph…

and next he sends  the legal documents and my signature to practice.


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