your never fully dressed without a smile

March 29, 2010

i got ready really fast yesterday to dash off and meet kate for supper at the electric…

wore AT LAST one of my new items from ellis and alex…the taupe dress and threw a white chunky sweater over it…very marc jacobs…

kate loved the sweater and the dress…

she was wearing a navy ralph lauren shirt which looked great on her…gift as well as she works for them.

we caught up …and i had my first glass of champagne in ages…it was o.k. but i’ve really gone off drinking…..not that i did much of it lately and its now less and less.

kate loves my new name she said it’s very me…and suits me much more than my original one.

she said shes not sure if she wants to pursue fashion anymore carrier wise an interest is developing in environmental stuff.

as for me i love fashion always have….always will.

still we are going to see sex and the city at the electric….and kate went to the ballet a couple of weeks ago….and i have only been once so thats on our list.

came home and did a quick yoga session….don’t want to miss it….before bed.


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