advise is what we ask for when we already know the answer

March 25, 2010

got home last night and called my mother…..she was having an afternoon nap and i woke her…

i wanted to let her know my new name….

i made her write it down…

she liked it…and then said she didn’t know i was changing my surname too..

i went for guidance the day before with the buddhist leader i saw in october…

ivette and i went to meet him in the rain.

it was great…he said i’ve improved but i need to be aware of pauses….

how important they are…like the silence between songs….

we covered work..

the man i like…he said give him s.p.a.c.e.

chant to respect him and for something to happen naturally.

he said how much happier i looked and how great my skin was.

he said the happier you get the more things come.

ivette took notes and will email to me when she has typed.

the next day i went to work…and was annoyed for the first time there in the morning…anger…

i felt like smashing something….

it shifted thank goodness and i didn’t take it out on anyone.


ivette said it’s a sign things are shifting in my life.

now yoga!


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