change in all things is sweet

March 21, 2010

on the phone…

first up calling ellis FINALLY we could speak … thank him again for my beautiful clothes….i wore one of the tops to my saturday meet yesterday and got LOTS of compliments…

thankyou ellis….

next my adorable mother …rang and we had a long chat….

both my sisters have been staying and the middle sister left in a huff..


no wonder i live on the other side of the world…

then lawrence  rang me regarding my consultation about my new name

he called me by it when he called and i loved it.

so my name will be alecyss g daroy…..

pronounced (alexis)…

next i get an analysis of my new name…

we go through that and if i am 100% happy then we change it.

he also will supply how i sign my new signature for optiminun  benefit.

he said my name is even better than agyness g deyn’s for success.


i also went through the  man i like… name  again for analysis and he said we are compatible but i must let him come to me.

after his birthday in april he will focus on love…

he must be the one to ask me out…

that he is a leader and he has to take that role.

so i am going to change my blog title and everything legally after paris!

i’m finding it fascinating and i always ask about  celebrities i like…

madonna…great in carrier  obviously disaster in love his words not mine…

johnny depp and vanessa paradis have the same compatible factor as me and the person i like….

i take that as a good sign….


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