it…..was easier than having a tattoo

March 9, 2010

yesterday i got up early to go to a buddhist meet when part of me would have liked to lounge at home.

i walked there with keeley…….in kitten heels that were playing up.

it was a good meet then after i went for a light lunch with helen who gave birth a month ago and had left her baby at home with her italian mama.

she looked great…..said it hurt like hell!

showed me pictures of the baby….very cute….and said she is so in love with her.

so sweet!

she was going to call her asia…which i like or mia….

i’m like if your not sure ask the baby.

she decides definitely tomorrow.

after when i left the cafe i bumped into my ex whom i haven’t seen in ages.

i was very nice to him…..hug when we met….and hug when i left.

he’s still up to his bad boy antics….his choice.

i gave him compliments and then was on my way.

went to the movies to see an education.

really liked it!


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