stormy in love, stormy in interviews, breakfast in bed thats me, love

March 3, 2010

i came home last night and watched two episodes of mad men……my favorite.

i haven’t been following the new series….i’m waiting for the dvd but dipping in is well worth it.

today at work i got a call from the assistant who went AWOL….

she called to say shes not coming back…… (sort of figured that)

she won’t say where she is….as in country….or leave a number….

all very mysterious.

i called my boss and let her know.

after work went for an interview…..a few doors from where i am now….

so funny!!!

ten steps and i’m there!

want to stay where i am but just keeping my options open.

when they asked why do i want this job i said i don’t know that i do?

after went to a meet….it was great.

at the met i mentioned about my imminent name change and how at the hair salon on monday when someone called me by my current name, i’m like who???

i’ve already let it go!


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