i wouldn’t touch a superlative again with an umbrella

February 27, 2010

so my talk with my boss went o.k.

she arrived in her cossack hat which i love and said they want to extend my trail period for another two months.

it’s a money thing!

i was fine with that…which she said surprised her as she thought i might tell her to piss off….her words not mine.

she was direct and upfront as always which i love…

i still adore and like her soooooooooooooo much…..

i felt fine and then when i woke up this morning there was a kernel of ….there lucky to have me????

immediately i rang and booked my name change as i got a unexpected amount of money and was going to indulge in a new handbag or other treats….

but instead invested in my future…

this could buy me a million handbags……

i wanted to do it last year….but didn’t have the cash.

so it is done…

i get my first installment in two weeks.

he’s amazing….and his assessments of people and there names amazing!!

i spoke to him about my job situation and he said stay my happy self and not to worry…..who knows what will come up for me in two months.

he said peoples life change overnight from this.

i’m so excited!!!

he said i’m meant to be doing my singing……

i also got him to analyze the man i’m smitten on…. name….

he said there is an attraction between us and he will be ready for love after his birthday….

it’s VERY soon!!!

he asked for my bosses name and he said she’s really kind….that i know…he said even too kind for business!

after i grabbed my umbrella and dashed to the meet.

enjoyed as always!

after met jenni for hot chocolate….

went to space nk for treats….

laura mercier creme brulee bubble bath as i’m just about out and they gave me lots of fabulous hair ¬†samples.

wanted to buy francois nars belle du jour lipstick (thought of you ellis) but they were out so will call me when its in stock next week.

jenni came back to mine for a hypnosis session…

it was lovely!!!

now i’m chilling.


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