it’s about love and hope

February 23, 2010

I’m writing this as i eat cheese and toast on vogels bread after just coming back from a meet….

i have watched the marc jacobs show three times … would be more if i had the time….and shall be…

i love everything about it….

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010

the furry bags…..oooh how i want one…..

the look of the hair….

it’s what i’ve been into for the last year or so…

and it was all about air drying…

YES!….no hair dryers in sight!!!!!

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010

sooooo gorgeous…….

meanwhile in life….my assistant has gone AWOL…..

and did not return from a two week holiday on monday….

that means i miss my buddhist meet tomorrow…

boo hoo…

now i REALLY want to go to them….

i pleaded with maddy today so i’ve got the weekend off…

she’s stepping in to help out….

otherwise i’m playing sade all the time at work….

and going with the flow…

apart from having my assistants boyfriend calling as she hasn’t contacted him either….

it was suggested i say she’s got a new lover….

somehow i don’t think that would help…

especially as her ex was on holiday at the same time as her…


at the meet someone said they were surprised  how relaxed i was about it…

what’s the point in not being???

although finding time to do my nails could be difficult?…

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010


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