we just became kind of a pair

February 21, 2010

i’ve been busy…..my boss just got back from venice for a few day’s her daughter showed me a picture she had taken behind her napkin of brad and angelina.

they were dining at the same restaurant….and looked very much in love.

so much for the negative rumours.

i got a present from a customer…..sade’s new album as he works at sony records.

played it alot yesterday and finally did some music practice as i have been neglecting it.

watched some video footage of sade recording in the studio which was interesting.

with yoga and chanting, meets etc only so many hours in the day.

went to my meet as usual yesterday……loved it!!!!

got complimented on my hair….how healthy it looks thats thanks to my prune!

someone at the meet said they can understand why i like the person i do, and i said i’ve been chanting alot for his happiness she reminded me…..me first.

so today when i chant i’ll do that!

and not just today!

my happiness first.

after coffee and chat which i enjoyed and them home to watch bell book and candle a movie with the gorgeous kim novak about modern day witches and love.


feeling so happy at the moment.

today i’m taking it easy with a day at home…bliss!


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