people make music to get a reaction. music is communication.

February 16, 2010

i’m in love with london red post boxes and just the red of london.

i have a red postbox on my street corner.

maybe it’s the aftermath of valentines.

it’s such a hopeful colour……the colour of love.

one of my staff got a valentines from her dad which was really sweet and he called her to say how full of love he was for her…. too sweet.

not something my dad did……. i asked her if all italian dad’s did that.

he’s always got her a valentines since she was a kid…… she said no, just her dad…….he’s special!

we had a customer just back from paris yesterday….fresh off the eurostar…. who had a  proposal on valentines….sporting  a very chic diamond ring.

how romantic!!!

just got back from a meet……it rained all day and and i loved it.

i played lots of jazz at work and replayed billie holiday ALOT!!!

her version of love me or leave me which is amazing!!!!

caught the end of the brit awards……

yet another amazing outfit by lady gaga….

and robbies performance.

got to get communicating!!!


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