men seldom make passes. at girls who wear glasses.

February 7, 2010

james sent me this picture last night.

with pink writing……we both have a thing about marilyn at the moment.

i have been thinking of him too and tried to call him last night but couldn’t reach him.

miss him!!

i went to bed late after calling my mother.

it was hard to get up this morning to go to the buddhist meet.


i was singing and i felt like  canceling…..not feeling the performance vibe at all more the pajama.

but go i did and perform i did my song international love which is still naked at present waiting for the right music.

we have been incorporating that in my hypnosis.

after went for coffee with nick a friend i used to do music with and a catch up.

we played  shoot em with a cute kid that was pretending to shoot us with a straw.

he was part of an adorable gang of three who kept hugging and kissing each other.

came home read the sundays and had to have a nap.

just got up and the devil wears prada is on…….love that film.

saw it at the electric with elaine and we were like PLEASE……who would give up that job!!!

in reference to the ending!!!

my eldest sisters husband who knows me well said of first viewing he knew i would think that.

still adore the opening prada bag… WANTED that bag!!!!!


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