new york taxi rules

February 3, 2010

1 driver speaks no english.

2 driver just got here two days ago from someplace like Segal.

3 driver hates you.

my boss popped in last night for some bolinger and her friend teased her about walking from her apartment which is just around the corner because she’s always getting out of taxis.

he said the only reason for it must be she wanted to smoke a cigarette.

i posted a comment i received  below which is really naughty but it was in chinese and i thought it looked sweet.

oh how wrong i was… time i’ll just stick to english!!

went to a spiritual meet after work……and needed it.

it was like a long deep breath after busy days for me at work task wise.

maddie is looking forward to writing on my valentines…

she popped in today to see me at work and show me her finds from portobello market for her new apartment.

one is huge wooden drawer with individual boxes to house her jewelry.

she said she’s excited about writing in it as she’s a real matchmaker.

too sweet!!!


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