yoga has brought me closer to myself

January 24, 2010

i did my yoga this afternoon after calling my mother.

she’s in pain from an accident whilst on holiday, my middle sister’s new dog jumped on her and knocked her over.

she has water on the knee and it will take six weeks to heal, her doctor advised my mother get a bicycle but she’s not into it.

brilliant….i was so annoyed with my sister…doesn’t take much at the moment…long story……

i managed to do the class i tried to do the other day, the de-stress.

it was great and HARD, you feel so alive after.

i kept wishing she would give us a break but no such luck.

i went and got the sundays. read them then cleaned my apartment.

i just finished watching a movie, a girly one, with the candles all on.

just me and my peanut slab, i figure i’ve earned it.

now its bath time and then bed in clean sheets.

just listened to a hypnosis session jenni downloaded for me about the here and now…loved it…although you do visualize six months from now and a year.

i’m ready for another week.


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