be daring, be different, be impractical

January 18, 2010

today at work i had to do the flowers.

it was fun.

the place is getting busier and busier and busier.

also with a different crowd.

younger…which is great…..and people who say i have been thinking of coming here for ages.

and they are.

it’s fantastic!!

after on the way home……this man started chatting with me…. a stranger….

he walked with me for a bit and then asked to see me again.

to which i replied i was seeing someone….

don’t want to be mean…..

then he suggested i take his phone number…..

i said i was serious about this person (not that he’s aware of it yet)!

but if i have ANY faith in my chanting and i DO DO DO!!!

he will sooner rather than later!!!!

he loves me? ………he loves me not?………he loves me…..


2 Responses to “be daring, be different, be impractical”

  1. susan said

    Is that “Madonna” or Marilyn? I’m baffled the same pose: Marilyn you
    depress Madonna 1989. With flower in Black n White yeah, Material Girl. Lacks originality, obsession, with Marilyn. Basically chess cake,
    smile from the era. Beauty Marilyn still seduces those admire allure. Madonna really bad former icon, home die 50yrs. Still reverted why? Marilyn had class not someone attempting steal. Another star reflection!

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