there are two types of women, those who want power in the world, and those who want power in bed

January 16, 2010

i went to bed sooooooooo late last night.

work was brilliant……buzzy and busy and just  how i want it.

already the place is improving.

my boss came for dinner and was hilarious……..and great…….

(hence the late night)….her party decided to stay for late night drinks.

the only thing she had to say to me was……lights need dimming….and this music is horrible.

otherwise she was very pleased……and her generous self….

she is off to venice so i’ll see her next week…..i really like her.

even though i went to bed at 3a.m. i was up to do yoga at 8.30……a.m.

i wanted that yoga glow at the sat ur day meet.

after met jenni for hot chocolate and then back to mine for a hypnosis session.

after i showed her all my new items from ellis that i’m dying to wear.

she loved ALL of them!

i don’t remember ANY of  the session….but my subconscious does!

i feel so relaxed after.

now its a movie or just bed?


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