i was very flattered by the sex kitten thing

January 3, 2010

work was fun…..i’m liking it….but taking it a day at a time.

rang james ( the fab u lous), suzanne and karen for my new years hello.

left messages for two…and had a chat with james eeee.

also called my eldest sister and had my first chat with her in long while.

sunday…got up late and only had time to throw my huge sweater on and dash to the  buddhist meet.

someone said i could go skiing in it. (the sweater).

also my stella boots which got ALOT of compliments.

really enjoyed the meet……stayed for a chat and yummy cheese crackers and herbal tea.

spoke to a very inspirational young man who is about to quit his job tomorrow to pursue his video carrier.

he’s going to chant ALOT…three or four hours a day.

he also said when you want something or someone its about the change within.

i agree.

feel like a princess…treated as such.

also spoke to one of my buddhist district leaders and had a nice chat with her …..she was circling around me and i could feel she wanted to talk.

went well….she said she was worried i’d bite her head off.

no…..something has shifted for me…for now.

i bought the sundays and came home and watched elvis and ann margaret in Viva las vegas.

cleaned the apartment.

long bath.



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