happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself

January 2, 2010

just back from my sat ur day meet.

feeling so good and very happy.

took some banana cake….. everyone is on diets……so only one person had some and one person took some home.

it was delicious…i ate two slices last night and want it out of the house for obvious reasons….my figure!!!

i dropped two slices off to helen on the way home…..as she is a fan of my cakes…

haven’t  seen her for a bit and she has left my buddhist district…she had enough.

she said she had a dream about me a few days ago and i was pregnant..

in the dream she hadn’t seen me for a few months or longer and bumped into me it was summer….and she said she didn’t notice at first my bump…

which was about seven months…

i was wearing a summer dress…probably one of ellis… i’d say

and i looked really well!!!

she’s looking VERY pregnant and well.

baby due to pop in february.

really enjoyed the meet…love those meetings!!

now going to chill for a bit before i dash off to work.


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