the only way to spend new years eve is either quietly with friends or in a brothel

December 31, 2009

spoke to ellis this morning…..was great to catch him and thank him for my beautiful clothes…..

which as i write are beside me in there mustache paper still….

i want to try them all on again before i hang them up….and i love presents lying around for a while….just like suitcases….i hate unpacking immediately.

i watched a movie and then went food shopping… to the fishmongers and had to double back for my recipe.

wasn’t much point because they had sold out of calamari by the time i got there.

i could have ordered.

instead i stayed in season and went for mussels from bonnie scotland.

and now i really feel they were the best choice.

i’m cooking moules with ginger, chilli and garlic,frites with fresh hot bread.

i’m not making my own frites (i will next time) or bread.

the supermarket was crazy…..everyone driving dangerously.

walked home along the canel which was lovely, thinking of all i have to be grateful for.

i am going to do lists later of what i’m grateful for in the last ten years, this year and what i wish for next year.

glad i’m staying home it’s what i feel like….and not drinking………………………………………..i’m going for apple juice.


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