when good americans die they go to paris

December 30, 2009

breakfast meet with marie-cybelle this morning.

in the rain and drizzle we met at 9a.m. and went to our old haunt baker and spice but this time the maida vale one as unfortunately the queens park one closed.

haven’t seen marie for a year or over as she has been residing in paris.

she’s loving it….and her french sounds perfect…..so envious…..

her mothers french so she always spoke it but now shes there it’s even better….slang included.

so we caught up….she looks wonderful and well.

i have been invited to paris whenever i like…….which is lovely….and shall go.

probably in springtime!!!!

marie heads  off to new york in july to do a film course…..shes on the writer director path at the moment.

also we have made a date for the electric and sex and the city when it shows in may.

when i got home i got an unexpected card from someone i worked for alot recently….very sweet and a little pressie.

we both love madonna and he sent me a mix c.d..

i was really touched.

he said he missed me and offered again to be a reference for me if i need it.

now dashing off to my new job.


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