don’t threaten me with love baby, let’s just go walking in the rain

December 29, 2009

wish my water intake today had been via a yacht but alas it was going to the post office with my mothers present which is practically the size of me…..

i had to put it on the LARGE scale as it was too big for the other two.

then he gave me the news of how much it cost……sixty pounds to send.

he suggested sending the items separately.

so off i went again….with the huge package to get my present from my sister at another post office.

when i got back…in sight of my street…….i saw the postman going round the corner and nearly yelled out to him as i thought he might have my present from alex and ellis.

and guess what…when i got home there it was sitting outside my door from parcel force.

cue HUGE smile.

i ripped it open……loving the mustache wrapping paper…..via there shop and label.

i have tried every item on….

six incredible dresses and one shirt…..label….gertrude pudding…

there sooooo beautiful.

my sister sent me a body scrub mask….that i just used…its fab u lous and some mad i love paris shorty pajamas…..with the eiffel tower on them…which i think are very carrie sex and the city.

as i type i’m wearing them.

also i went back to the post office…..after i repackaged….before the fashion parade in front of my bedroom mirror….

thinking why did i buy my mother such a huge present…

followed my intuition and went to another one near by….and it was sooo much cheaper…..half the price.

super and i insisted on stamps!!!!


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