always remember…..if your alone in the kitchen & you drop the lamb, you can always just pick it up . who’s going to know?

December 25, 2009

i’ve been cooking and enjoying it.

i always like putting my white apron on.

my stuffing looked strange when i went to stuff the chicken……i was like WHAT is that????… had lamb in it.

when i ordered they just mentioned the hazelnut, apricots and thyme.

looked at the label and gave it to my lovely neighbor jill…..too delicious to waste.

apart from eating….

peanut slabs……raspberry yoghurt……and third helpings.

i’ve been relaxing……


i could do this for a couple of days.

candles are lit, smelly and non smelling and I’m on my third movie.

grace kelly in high society…..(and i’m NOT saying i prefer it to the philadelphia story…..)

i’ve been going for the old musicals!!!!


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