my spanish is improving and i can now ask donde gucci? (where is gucci?)

December 23, 2009

i’ve been admiring victoria beckham running around in her furs in london and previously new york.

liking her look alot of late!!!

i love fur and my beloved inside out fur coat from portobello market died after many outings this year.

i had to let it go!

i soooooo want another one.

yesterday my day changed completely….i didn’t go for my work meet… i was getting ready and felt so rushed i cancelled and blamed the weather and an imaginary previous engagement.

i went to work and they didn’t need me (or today) so…….i went to a spiritual meet instead which i really enjoyed.

then to the work appointment today.

came home and checked my bank account and there was less money there than should be…..seemed lidgates where charging me for wild smoked salmon to add to my organic chicken……which is wildly out of my budget….right now!!!!

delicious as it is…….farmed smoked salmon this christmas.

i called and they will refund….i’ll still be slightly overdrawn…just a touch so forget the calvin pj.s!!!

when i left yesterday my neighbor had some homemade sweets and a card for me and i got two handmade divine cards from amy and tanya…..who has not been doing her art but gardening instead in brighton.

still creative

i love both cards.

work meet was good…i wore my marc jacobs gumboots as it was still icy and snowy out.

he loved them.

anyways….i’ve got my work gig for now in january.

and it’s local… so good….the one today is shoreditch…a bit far.

and i have decided i need to really set my sights now i have secured something.

so i have had two divine unplanned days off…..which i needed.

everyones saying merry christmas which is sweet.

also i organized my taxes…..which i’m not that great at….

i will get a refund for this year….

and i’m also looking at the last six as i know i overpaid for all of them.

that felt great!


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