to me there is no greater act of courage than being the one who kisses first

December 19, 2009

just got home…..and catching the end of love actually and everyone kissing.

hugh grant was on jonathon ross last night and very cool he hates this film and said sarah jessica parker eats like a locust.

devours everything and anything and is sooooo tiny.

went to my sat ur day meet and i didn’t enjoy it today which is unusual.

i even was wondering if maybe i need to change groups for a bit.

i’ll see how i feel.

i said what was bugging me and i didn’t feel heard at all…….only by someone who never goes there.

i called some one later to talk about it who goes to that meet and whilst i was on the phone another person called from the group to leave a lovely message for me.

that made me feel ALOT  better.

as i mentioned i have been chanting for courage and wisdom about someone i like and  i’m not sure what it’s doing.

something definitely……if it’s my illusion it will lift it.

if i need more courage…i’ll get it.

i sort of got a smidgen today…….just a teeny bit!!!


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