italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy

December 17, 2009

got home late…very …yesterday after small drizzles of snow!!!

and just ADORE these pictures of madonna for the new dolce and gabbana campaign.

makes me want to cook pasta.

got a lovely reply from amanda….saying how much she missed me and loved me.

very nice.

do i hold out for an apology??

i think bring it up when next we meet when she is in london.

also got a christmas card from my eldest sister.

our relations have been frosty since my last trip home two years ago.

i have my reasons!!!


also four more emails of my great nephew.

i’m aware she is trying but i can’t send kisses to her.

not there yet.

also called lawrence y and we had a very interesting discussion regarding my name.

sparked discussions last night of do you look like your name??

as i was typing just got  a phonecall from my new employers assistant offering me the job.

six week trail basis.


will still keep looking just in case but got it in my deadline.

very interested too in the one i went to on monday…..if i get a second call back will go for that too!

politely stating i need sat ur day mornings off for my meet…..and a bit more money than what we spoke about .

p.s. loving the crochet dress! the clothes!!!!!!

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