nothing happens by chance

December 16, 2009

i woke up early turned on the television and theres my friend amanda on gmtv talking about her new show model house…located in l.a.

we fell out for the second time a year ago……won’t bore you with the details and haven’t spoken since.

i want an apology……amanda’s not very good at them.

all i received was her twitter link which i ignored.

last time i did the olive branch so it’s her turn.

anyway she was really fantastic and i sent her  a text saying so…minus xxxxxx.

i wanted to change my name last year…..with a man called laurence Y. Payg.

he was responsible for laura hollins becoming Agyness G. Deyn and going on to  modeling stardom.

i told amanda about it……she changed hers to a fab u lous name and viola she now has her own show.


i don’t think so.

part of the service is he asks you what you wish to achieve…modeling????acting???

it will be the FIRST… i mean the FIRST thing i do when i have the cash.

after rang my mother to say thankyou for my cute card.

she had been thinking of me.

she sounds great……told me about a duck following her home and walking her to her door.

she gave him some bread and he sat on her front lawn for a couple of hours.

she said the kids in the neighborhood were asking her if it was her duck.

he was cute!!

she took it as a good omen and bought a lottery ticket that day!!!!

she chose to know her christmas present and loves it so i’m very pleased!!

it snowed slightly here earlier.

off to knightsbridge later.

p.s. i also heard from marie cybelle… fellow sex and the city addict who i have missed greatly.

she relocated to paris and i lost her email.

she’s london bound round christmas.


pps laurence’s contact for those interested 0161 256 0509 email

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