if i was a cat what would make me purr

December 7, 2009

busy day…began by rushing to my first work meet. was slightly late.

a guy mumbled something to me as i was getting of the bus…..i asked what he said and he replied you look beautiful.

very sweet!!!!!

when i arrived at 1p.m. she offered me a glass of wine…i declined and had water.

was interesting….she was very honest but who knows…we chatted for a while and then she offered me another drink….

and i had a glass of prosseco with her…….unlike me but felt right.

we are meeting again next week.

this ones in my manor….notting hill.

not perfect but if she offers i’ll take it…..can’t afford not to.

after dashed to my second work meet via getting my watch battery replaced.

it keep stopping every now and then.

they even gave me a free hot chocolate while i waited …in there cafe downstairs.

second meet also interesting…..very complimentary.

afterwards went to quickly check out present for my mother.

sonia rykiel has just done a great lingerie range for H & M.

went on sale on the 5th.

i want the pale pink silk dressing gown….all gone…i’m on the wait list and they may have a last and final shipment wednesday or thursday.

my mother would love it…..

fingers crossed.

bought some more vanilla and bergamot bliss body creme and now want there latest release too!!!

blood orange and white pepper body butter.



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