it’s vintage darling

December 5, 2009

yesterday i didn’t follow my intution and went to a work meet when i knew it wasn’t right for me.

but part of me wanted to go because i’m into taking action.

it’s toooooooo far away!!!!

posh suburb…but i felt  like i’m leaving civilization and it was so good to come back to chelsea after.

only stayed five minutes at the interview and managed to buy my johnsons baby powder which i couldn’t find in any other boots in town…so not a total waste of time.

read es magazine on the way back.

anna freil finishes her run at breakfast at tiffany’s first week of january and has been photographed every night leaving the stage door in amazing outfit after amazing outfit.

she said it helps her keep in character maintaining the glamour as actresses did in the forties…by not pulling on a pair of jeans every night.

love her look!!


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