ever notice how “what the hell” is always the right answer

December 2, 2009

i’m home now… got up early and off to work at a launch for a new building being built in 2012.

on the tube a young man offered me his seat and i accepted…i love all that.

it meant i could sit and read grazia…SUPER!!!

the women next to me said that a man told her that half the women he does that for tell him off.

i’m pro all that…. and always say thankyou.

this work enviorment very chic AND much nicer than where i left yesterday.

everything designer so nice surroundings.

the buildings called the shaft and will be all glass.

channel four were there filming for a documentary there making about it.

it rained and rained when i got home…..fun rain.

i went to buy organic eggs from my favorite local deli that has changed and now a not so nice cafe….AND they no longer sell organic eggs!!!

oh well theres always the grocer in notting hill.

got a great email from james  last night just as i was thinking of him….

he sent me a film  of marilyn monroe (apparently) smoking dope….not inhaling.

and as he said she looks gorgeous!!!

i just want to stay home and another part of me wants to go to a spiritual meet in my stella gumboots as i have no free time the rest of the week.

bath…..relax and bed.

or bath and trudge out.



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