life is too short to sleep on low thread-count sheets

November 30, 2009

i slept in today and boy did i need it…..i got up at 11a.m. after a lovley dream.

i had a lazy day….cooked myself a sundayish breakfast….read the sundays from yesterday.

had a bath went back to bed for another hour in clean sheets.

then i had to go to chelsea….i was so cosy at home it was a shock to step outside.

the coldest its been in ages!!!

heard ryuichi sakamoto as he was giving a concert…..he’s very talented.

i’m only familiar with Merry Christmas mr lawernce…but other work i heard sounded amazing.

i’m going to spotify him and listen to more.

he’s got grey hair now.

saw christmas trees already in the windows on the way home.

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