the course of true love never did run smooth

November 26, 2009

i was watching a show the other day when i writer i used to know came on.

i have one of her signed novels.

she’s really lovely………she was talking about how she met her husband.

first time….she had just arrived from new york……lonely and shopping at waitrose when a man walking up the aisle and smiled at her…..she said he was the first  person to smile at her in london…and she went back to the supermarket the next day in case he was there….he wasn’t.

fast forward……three or so years and she is taking her seat at the theatre as she is a theatre critic…..with her (soon to be) ex boyfriend with her…..when a man behind her asks if she is a theatre critic.

to which she replies yes.

a couple of day’s later he finds out where she is working and contacts her to accompany him to the theater and after suggests dinner.

she said when he put his hand in hers she knew she was going to marry him.

turns out he was the man from the supermarket……she didn’t realize….but he remembered her.

pretty AMAZING  no!!!!!

i love stories like that!!!

also adding at the end of the post a link to an article i love about fashion consultant…. yasmin sewell……

i have written about her previously……love her take on not pushing things and all things spiritual.

feel i’m doing the opposite at the moment!!!

Yasmin’s article in Elle UK


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