i’d luv to kiss ya, but i just washed my hair

November 25, 2009

went to get my hair done at the salon today.

not my usual one….and had to take a deep breath as i gave them the instructions for the third time for the colour i like.

suggestions were very promptly by passed….i know what i want.

i was like i’ve got his much time…. so i had two people working on it.

i’m so demanding but i seem to get away with it.

and NO blowdrying!!!!……. ick!!!!

i dashed out of there to get to the apple store as i got the BEST voicemail last night saying it’s fixed (my computer) and no charge.

some weird reprogramming thing.

they printed out the instructions for me in case it happens again.

so right now i sit on my chaise lounge typing on my BELOVED computer who got  kisses when i got home.

with its new battery…which i had been meaning to get.

sooooooo lucky!!!!

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