the best we can do is breathe and reboot

November 23, 2009

crisis this morning…got up opened my computer as UsUAL  and was just in the process of sending an email to jenni to say YES to a hypnosis session today….when….


my computer froze.

wouldn’t restart and was just making this sad little sound which i remember from a few years ago when my hard drive died.

i was thinking it could be all the photos and video’s my sister keeps sending me of her grandchildren.

i think i have had ten emails in two days.

have i learnt and backed up since….

what do you think?????


anyway i rang apple……i tried kisses….talking to it…..chanting….

and finally i have to take it to the apple doctor.

next available appointment monday!!!!!

but will try tomorrow just in case.

got a bit teary…..but now i find myself at the internet cafe up the road and accepting.

about to dash home for my session.


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