my idea of a good picture is one thats in focus and of a famous person

November 22, 2009

sat ur day meet was good……one person got on my nerves by telling me what to do..i got the impression that they felt they are in charge when no one is… that ‘s the beauty of it.

i’m greeter gal and she told me how to greet her guest…with open arms and warmly… (your getting on my nerves)…and that i was being a princess asking the tea person to get herbal tea.

i was told her how annoyed she made me….but to be honest i think it was like water of a ducks back so she may be in for a few more home truths before the penny drops.

anyway my business is if you step om my toes i’m gonna tell you get off!

i always feel peaceful when i come out of that meet and really miss it when i don’t go.

it’s my ALL time favourite!!!

went for hot chocolate and chat with someone from the meet i trust.

then raced home and had to go to madame tussauds.

never been there before the wax figures are sort of weird.

some very life like some WAY of the mark like brad pitt.

looks nothing like him and its there fifth attempt.

he’s linked with angelina… there coupled up in wax world too.

i asked how they can get it so wrong and was told some faces are easier to sculpt than others.

the venue was being used for a wedding…..another indian one.

is the universe trying to tell me something????

this one was alcohol free and very chic and not as exuberant as the last one.

forget the dancing and clapping.

hitler was scary even as a wax work!!!!


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