brevity is the soul of lingerie

November 20, 2009

crazy day…….here……there and everywhere…..

by tube which is not my favorite mode of travel.

also took in a walk down kings rd after a work meet….took in a few shops.

NO BUYING….just looking.

then some work.

finished by going to my buddhist meet.

ivette is closing her lingerie shop in portobello after five years.

it’s been a struggle of late and she seems very upbeat about it.

it doesn’t mean the end of her business just that space.

didn’t enjoy my buddhist meet……so what else is new?????

ended up having an unplanned dialogue with one of the group leaders who has finally become uncomfortable with me not speaking for six months.

i told her i don’t trust anyone there so whats the point??

we talked some more but REALLY no shift.

i don’t have to talk if i don’t want to…….and it’s my decision not anyone else’s whether i stay or go go. (to another district meet).


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