one should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art

November 18, 2009

i’m off to another work meet when i would rather stay home in my pajamas and watch vicky, cristina Barcelona.

i heard someone yesterday talking about if  a person said they didn’t like there clothes they would stop wearing them…but now the only important viewpoint is there own.

i”m like that with clothes…..the coat i bought is the one james didn’t like and called it a bavarian….. coat….. it is.

i love it…….

i went back to get it a few weeks ago and it was sold out …then on monday i found one hidden behind some shirts so i figured it was waiting for me.

so now i’m back from that work meet i stayed ALL of ten minutes and that felt tooooooooooooooo  long.

not the place for me.

i was expected to wear a shirt….which was hideous and only came in large and was made of awful acrylic fibres.

then to top it off a hat…..don’t ask!!!

nic called me when i came out of the station to say she loved my coat and how she likes my Ballsy attitude.

she said i’m very different to her and very forthright.

i’m home and bought some chips….which was a bit naughty.

i’m dertemined my fab u lous new job exits!!!

and so i carry on!!


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