beauty is truth, truth beauty

November 16, 2009


i was up early…..chanting but not as early as i planned.

i planned to be outside the shop before it opened so i could grab myself the stella military jacket.

i got there two hours after they opened and all gone!!!!

tried two more stores in the west end with the same result…..

and was about to head to chelsea when i went STOP!!!!!

got them to call…..she called 8 more outlets with only one having two in size three and four left.

little bit small for moi!!

instead i went and saw bright star.

i adore jane campions movies and this so beautiful.

it’s about true love…..set in one of my favorite era’s the 18th century.

i had some good lifetimes then!!!

also i adored the fact that fanny brawne was a fashionista.

all her outfits are amazing!!

after i went and bought myself another fab u lous winter coat.



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