nothing can bring peace but yourself

November 15, 2009


wasn’t expecting to be off today so a nice surprise.

i was sent home for speaking the truth and i’m fine with that.

left for my part liking everyone thanks to speaking out and not having any resentful feelings.

felt really calm and happy and when i got home rang someone from my sat ur day meet and my dear and darling friend ellis in hong kong.

so hung on the telephone for just a while.

main feedback…….my side of the street CLEAN and something better now coming.

YES please!

ellis is working every day and loving it and his store is doing really well.

sooooo good!!!!

he said he loves the images i get for my blog and where do i get them.

just rang about the stella jacket me an everyone else is interested in….

they said they have had so many phonecalls and are expecting a stampede for them.

yearned for piece arrives tomorrow and they are opening the store early at 8a.m.

now i’m not working i can go………

looks like the universe had that in mind for me.

i read the sunday’s.

now bath and movie.

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