girls can wear jeans, cut there hair short,wear shirts and boots, cause its okay to be a boy, but for a boy to look like a girl is degrading

November 14, 2009

so  ….on the way to work i’m on the tube and i look over to see a girl  and the first thing i spot is the stella mccartney kid moon boots.

these are on an adult ….and i’m thinking i MUST tell tabitha when i get to work that we are NOT the only ones with the idea.

she looked so stylish…..but couldn’t see her face as her hair was covering it.

then go to get off  at my tube stop and it IS tabitha.

her boots looked amazing and i was so glad i bought some.

about to have a bath and put some lavender creme on i got today.

not one of the best day’s i’ve had work wise ……my LEast favorite in a long while.

called a buddhist friend and sat ur day meet friend to discuss my upset.


wish i’d been at the sat ur day meet instead today.

apparently i missed a good one.

and someone i would have loved to have seen!!!


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