call me a puma not a cougar

November 10, 2009



so i called my mother for a catch up and we had a talk about giving.

you give because you want too…..but it’s not healthy if your doing all the giving.

all the phonecalls, the presents, the initiating.

it’s called working too hard!!!

that goes for friendships too!!!

let it be, wait and see.

i adore demi moore….i love her look….and i was talking with a struggling actress last week who admired her drive.

for me she has got better as she has got older.

personally i’m also into the long dark haired look too!!

i’m debating whether i’ll go to a spiritual meet after my bath.

as for the “label” there giving to women who like younger men as madonna said have you seen most men her age!!!!

the person not the number.


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