as long as my face is on page one, i don’t care what they say about me on page seventeen

November 9, 2009


i watched robbie on loose women….listened to his album….i really like it and it’s gone in at number 1…..i’m pleased for him.

i changed my image board today at last and added my cards from when james and i went to the pop art exhibition and amish kapoor.

mick jaggers up there courtesy of andy warhol.

i also added a robbie picture looking very steve mcqeenish on his motorcycle with the quote….”what would have happened if you hadn’t gone into hospital? I’d be dead now.” seriously?…”absolutely”…

fashion wise a lavin coat with mink and fur accents…and micheal kors silver fox coat…….prada biker boots.

i listened to an interview with julia cameron while i did it….i’ve missed my morning pages the last few day’s and she reminded me why you KEEP doing them.

i went to my buddhist planning meet when really i felt like staying home and being cosy.

off i went…i was going to offer to contribute to the meet later in the month but changed my mind when i was there.

i spoke for the first time in six months and it was to say how i felt excluded…i was the only member to make an effort to go to planning besides the group leaders and  WONDER why i bother.!

i was asked……but my reply was not heard.

brushed off….denial.

that doesn’t surprise me.

thats really the reason i don’t speak there anymore.

but i have to remind myself i spoke for me.

then left.

i got sent an angel messege yesterday and was meant to recieve a message by 11.30 a.m. today.

i got nothing.

still believe in angels.


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