i’m also quite spiritual, which helps me look after myself. i meditate every day, and i pray every morning and evening

November 7, 2009


at work today…..cossie said ahe has noticed a change in me.

that i am more quiet, (see i am listening AND observing).

she has a new boyfriend who is EVERYTHING on her list….we had talked about the list a few months ago.

the only thing she feels is missing is she would like him to be taller and older.

NO she did not put that on her list but will.

i am going to reread mine.

on the way home i nearly bought the kids version of fish and chips, don’t know whether my fab u lous new jacket was also now drawing me towards kids meals.??

i just finished watching robbie on jonathan ross and listened to a bit of his new album when i came home.

i think he’s ADORABLE…..but he seems so less confident and that’s sad in a way.

i hope his new album does brilliantly for him….i’m sure it will.

i’ll be listening to it more this weekend.


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