the only reason for time is so everything doesn’t happen at once

November 4, 2009


as i write this two huge fire engines are in my street.

hopefully not putting out too much of a blaze two doors down.

i had a visit from the fire department last year…. i was in the bath relaxing and smelt something burning i looked up and the fan was sparking and flames beginning.

i panicked threw my dressing gown on and ran downstairs to get help from the neighbors before the building burnt down.

the fireman arrived PRONTO and sorted it out…..they were so nice.

they checked other applainces too.

worked today and felt like a spiritual meet… i felt tired but went anyway and guess what ? i felt more refreshed after.

i left feeling more serene.

it’s just  like my buddhist leader said…time is subjective….you can fit it all in.

i still have half hour chanting to do…… which i will.


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