i specialize

November 1, 2009

Bus Stop [A1] (Marilyn Monroe)

it was pouring this morning and luckily i got a lift to the buddhist meet from keeley (thanks keeley) even with my marc jacobs gumboots on i wouldn’t have made it without her.

food shopping after…..bought the sunday’s then home and time for a quick read before jennie arrived for my hypnosis session.

we spent a while clarifying what we were going to work on today and this session i was out immediately.

i heard the beginning only.

jennie said it’s better when that happens because then she is working directly with my subconscious.

i felt refreshed after.

did my music hour and began with the video james sent……marilyn monroe singing specialisation…….ooh do dooh.

thanks james eee

really sweet of you!!!!

loved it!!!!!


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