l’amour unique

October 29, 2009


i got to work early…got the time wrong so sat and had a hot chocolate and read the guardian…..article about catherine millet and her new book on Jealousy.

she said in the article……”….we need to rid  ourselves of the notion of l’amour unique. it’s not like that in real life. romantic love affairs generally end in tears…..’

personally she isn’t someone i’d take advise from and i still believe in true love and the happy ending….why not?????

and it definitely doesn’t include living with a husband who has affairs (in her case).

each to there own!!

i read the first installment of my guidance when i got home….ivette sent it to me yesterday…

he said i’m good at hitting the ball but not receiving…..

that LISTENING thing again.

just got out of the bath and smell of nutmeg and vanilla.


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