its clothes i love, not fashion

October 27, 2009

paul smith-disneyi had a meet this morning…….not great…….don’t want it.

after i went to drop off my sweater at my favorite drycleaners across the road from colleen.

rang her bell and thought i would pop up for a herbal T.

she brought up the incident regarding reubens present and said i should have the voucher.

i was like O.K.


always happy to receive something from paul smith.

then she told me off…..for leaving ruebens party, that i SHOULD know what he likes.

i haven’t been spending enough time with him.

he doesn’t like paul smith, never mind ALL the previous items he loved.

i didn’t feel defensive.

stated my opinion.

which didn’t go down well.

that reubens behavior was brattish!!!

she asked me to leave.

i did wishing her a great day.

bought the most amazing bracelet from paul smith.

love love love it!!!

only having to add  15.oo pounds to my voucher so staying within the budget.

the women in front of me bought two AMAZING mickey mouse cushions plus a fabulous tray.

the assistant said he was lucky to get paul smith!!!

my sentiments exactly.

also bought two pumpkins…feel like having them around the house.

there so cute!!!


just back from my spiritual meet.



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