conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative

October 22, 2009


i finally spoke to ellis today…..not on my home line thats still totally not working…it rings but no point in answering.

he’s busy working his socks off in hong kong and it’s all going well.

what i love about my conversations with ellis is there is such an ease to them.

he’s great also at ALL categories, men, work you name it!!!

i told him about my guidance and that i was advised to listen more and he said as long as i’m not listening to bullshit.

i could tell him anything…..i do…..and he’s funny and perceptive and ALWAYS give’s me a great take on things.

on the way to work i saw a man in a apple green adidas tracksuit that was exactly like the one i had when i was twelve…..and i LOVED it.

it was one of my favorite items.

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