i like to listen. i have learned a great deal from listening carefully

October 21, 2009


i finished earlier than expected today and i’m glad!!!

i needed some ME time, maybe it was to allow all that guidance to seep in!!!

WOW just have to say again AMAZING!!!

all today i was aware of his advice to listen and observe.

i came home and had a bath at that time in the early evening that i ADORE because it seems sort of decadent.

it’s absolutely not the same as having it later….and then getting in your pajama’s.


i spoke to adele with difficulty as my land line had decided to be naughty….and has some kind of sudden mysteries fault that the phone company need to fix.

we had sirens on the line…..lots of fuzz that sounded like a drill and bt announcements…..don’T ASK me why i didn’t call her on the mobile we were sort of intrigued.

after i settled down with yoghurt……peanut slab…and have just watched back to back three episodes of lipstick jungle.

relaxing on the chaise lounge.

i’m about to go back for a 4th….and i love brooke shields hair.

james sent me some super photo’s from when he visited……one from my window which i really like.

my hair looks good!!!


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