i can wear a hat or take it off, but either way it’s a conversation piece

October 17, 2009


wore my new blue beret at the sat ur day meet today.

everyone loved it……someone said at the end how french i looked and felt it was a sign of the future.

paris here i come???

the meet was fantastic…..i wish my buddhist group was so healthy but it isn’t.

i voiced my concerns today and everyone got it…..we all felt more united and i even got thanked for bringing it up.

love that group!!!!

after… quickly caught up with adele, walking and talking…….and checked out the market briefly….my favorite stall holder is not back until febuary…she’s innovative and i threw out a much loved and much worn winter coat of hers last week.

so looking to replace.

nothing caught my eye.

meet up with helen at oporto……helen was surprised to see me wearing a hat as i never wear them….she loved it and thought it made me look french.

helen is having a girl…we all thought boy except for the physic we both saw who was the only one who said GIRL.

names she’s thinking of, asia (i like), india (also like).

GOOD….that means all the fab u lous future stuff he told me will come true.

i’m open to it.

when i put my new coat on helen said i looked even more french.

lot’s of past lives spent there.

thanks beautiful boy’s for my pressies.



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